The Team

Brandon Couey
Creative Director

A passionate game developer and designer enthusiast. Developing since the age of 13 years old whilst starting out by developing Runescape and World of Warcraft private servers for 9 years. Learning the ins and outs of the protocols and infrastructures before attempting to make a mmorpg that is truly great and immersive.

Royor Salasay
Art Director

Hey Yo! I'm Roy!, I'm a self-driven Artist and a video gamer that has a passion and dedication for creating game art environments. Striving to reach the best quality. Always spend the available time learning new kinds of stuff improving workflow and techniques. With a good amount of experience creating CG Arts I then try to share my knowledge with the others that wanted to learn the way of the Jedi.

Fabian Feary
Game Developer & Network Engineer

Blake Beaupain
Architecture & DevOps Consultant

A results-driven professional who uses technology to solve business problems. With 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and 15 years of practice in software development, my carefully built skillset and ability to learn by necessity leaves me well positioned to understand the needs of any fast-scaling tech company and make impacts where they are needed most.

Justin Whitehead
3D & Material Artist

Hey, I'm Justin! I am a self taught Substance artist. When I am not busy educating myself I am usually out taking walks, spending time with friends, and taking in as much of life as I can. However, you can find me spending a majority of my time learning new and interesting techniques about the software I use.

Daniel Robertson
Narrative & World Design

A creative and hard working game design student with 7 years of experience as a Dungeon Master. I specialize in creating stories that people can enjoy and immerse themselves. I'm currently studying Game Design so i can use my artistic abilities in the industry that I love the most and learn new things everyday as i perfect my skills. I spend most of my days going to class, reading about game design and manga, composing music and grinding in my favourite MMOs.

Youcef Thomas Sadoun
3D Animator

Hey, The names Youcef and i am a Game Designer who specializes in 3D Animation but also loves to model and texture. I've been in this industry since 2016 with a 3D anatomically correct head to pronounce letters in a different language and that led to me being here!

Brandon Rediker
3D Artist

Mehrdad Khojasteh
3D Artist

James Huang
Concept Artist

Hi, I'm James! I'm an Concept Artist/Illustrator constantly striving to learn and reach higher heights than the day before! Growing up with video games from the likes of Nintendo and Riot Games, I always loved creating worlds and storytelling beyond the aesthetics. Outside of the art world, I enjoy meeting new people, going on road trips, and sharing my share of terribly bad puns.

Tom Scott-Toft
Sound Designer

I am a Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer based in New Zealand. I have over 10 years experience working in film TV and advertising. While I have not had much experience composing for games, I am a lifelong gamer and have wanted to work in this space for a long time.

AJI Priandaka
Sound Composer

As a composer for video games, Aji has worked on many game projects for various game developers, involving talented local orchestra musicians to create a diverse set of works. After graduating with a Bachelor of Design degree from ITB, he worked as a creative director/composer for Nightspade game studio, where he wrote music for award-winning games such as Amago.