Frequently asked questions and answers

Please be aware that anything is subject to change at any given time. This is our current direction.

Q: What is Shattered Relics?
A: Shattered Relics "SR" is a Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game that offers a high fantasy world with classic old school experience and modern solutions.
Q: What Game Engine is Shattered Relics developed in?
A: Unreal Engine 5.
Q: What is your most referenced games while creating Shattered Relics?
A: We draw the most inspiration from of OldSchool Runescape, New World, and World of Warcraft Classic.
Q: Are we able to play test Shattered Relics yet?
A: Game services will be available on the first weekend of every month for the public, and all backers will be able to login and play the game during the entire month as the services are online.
Q: Do you have an estimated time frame for a Pre-Alpha?
A: We are unsure how long it will take for us to get to a pre-alpha state. That will determine on team growth, and funding.
Q: What platforms will Shattered Relics be available on?
A: PC Exclusive with potential thoughts for Xbox.
Q: Will this be action or tab target?
A: We will be offering a classless action realtime combat, where aiming and position matters.
Q: Will there be factions?
A: As of right now we are looking at having a total of 2 factions but this is subject to change at any time.
Q: How can i change factions? Do i have to pay or create a new character?
A: Neither! We are designing this area in such a way to where you would neither have to pay nor create a new character to switch to an opposing faction.
Q: Will there be classes?
A: There will be a multi-class system in which players will be able to become and train any class they desire upon unlocking it. Players will be able to combine up to 2 classes to become hybrids. (Subject to change).
Q: How many classes will there be?
A: There will be a multitude of additional classes such as but not limited to warriors, paladins, rogues, hunters, warlocks, necromancers, mages, shamans, druids, priests and possibly more.
Q: Will there be class specializations?
A: Yes, there will be different specializations that you can specialize into for each class.
Q: Will the holy trinity still exist?
A: Yes, we believe in alot of the oldschool systems. Players will still have their role in their class.
Q: Will future choice of race or gender effect you being a specific class?
A: No, there will be absolutely no gender or race locks to a specific class.
Q: Will there be multiple races?
A: As of now we will only be offering a male and female human race. However, we do have future plans to add additional races.
Q: Will characters be locked to servers?
A: We are leaning towards locking the player to a specific server, but allow the player to visit and play with friends on other servers but their progression in the world is subtle as each server instance is unique.
Q: What countries will this be released on? Will there be servers outside of the United States?
A: Right now our primary focus is United States. However, we are still considering additional localizations.
Q: Will there be dungeons, raids, instances, etc?
A: Yes there will be, we will be offering 'WoW Like' 5 man dungeons and 10-15 man raids.
Q: Will there be open world PvP?
A: Yes there will be! We will have zones that are flagged for PvP and the danger / intensity level in the PvP zones will be identified.
Q: Will there be a death penalty?
A: As of right now the biggest death penalty will be durability loss on only current equipped gear. This concept is subject to change at any time.
Q: Will items drop on death?
A: There will be select few areas in the game that will be marked as highly dangerous, that will allow intense high risk vs high reward areas. Enabling players to be able to be looted. If they are not looted within a certain time, or if the player comes back to their death location and loot their items back. They will be restored to the player.
Q: How many trades will there be?
A: As of right now there will be a total of 18 trainable trades.
Q: Can you master every trade?
A: Yes, a player will be able to master every single trade, however. You will only be able to specialize in 2 specific skills that grant you additional ability to create higher tier products. This prevents everyone from crafting all high tier items and allowing each player to be unique and desirable in the world.
Q: Will there be items that are obtained from trade mastery?
A: Yes, we will offer some type of cosmetic appearance item that allows players to showcase their efforts in trade mastery.
Q: Will there be capes?
A: Yes! We will actually have capes.
Q: Will there be mounts?
A: Yes, We will offer a wide variety of ground mounts. However, Flying mounts are something we may include in the future but is subject to change.
Q: Will there be guilds?
A: Yes!
Q: Is the questing system going to be (Kill X, Gather Y, Talk-To, etc)?
A: Nope! We will have an advanced, and complex questing system that requires critical thinking, and puzzle solving!
Q: Will there be VOIP? (Voice over Internet Protocol) [Voice Chat]
A: It is a system which we are wanting to implement, but will not be offered in early stages.
Q: Can players build in the world?
A: Nope, we will not include any building or construction done by players.
Q: Will there be auction houses / trading posts?
A: Yes, there will be auction houses in each region, and will be unique to each region.
Q: Will there be vendors for players to sell items to?
A: Yes, players will be able to sell items to vendors under market price to get quick gold if they choose not to use auction houses.
Q: Will there be player housing?
A: Players will be able to purchase housing in a specific town or area once they have achieved enough reputation in the town to purchase one.
Q: will player housing be instanced?
A: Yes housing is not a first come first serve aspect. However the player that has the most invested into their house will be showcased and viewable for the entire public if enabled by said player.
Q: Will the be PvP tournaments? (i.e Arenas / Battlegrounds)
A: Yes! We will be offering a wide variety of Player vs Player content.
Q: Will there be Leaderboards?
A: Yep! We absolutely love competition and offer bragging rights for players! We will offer leaderboards for a various amount of gameplay mechanics! i.e Professions, PvE, PvP, Guilds, as well as seasonal leaderboards.